Another Traffic Ticket Myth, Don’t Fall for It

This is the ultimate myth. Actually, it sounds plausible. It’s supposed to be a clever way to not get your speeding ticket reported on your driving record, which means points won’t be added and your insurance company won’t increase your monthly bill. Here’s how it supposedly works: When you get a speeding ticket, you’re supposed to mail in your fine, plus a few dollars extra. When the courts receive your payment, they will cash the check and supposedly mail you a refund for the extra dollars you sent. But, instead of you cashing this refund check, you tear it up and throw it away. By not cashing the check, its supposed to leave your case open indefinitely and not show up on you driving record. Points are not assessed to your driving record until all financial transactions are complete. Sounds pretty sneaky, doesn’t it? Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is a HOAX. I don’t know how it got started or who is behind it. All I know is that it doesn’t work because the minute you are found guilty, it automatically goes on your record, even before they receive your payment. Whatever you do, don’t try this. More than likely, the courts will cash your check and NOT mail you a refund. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if the traffic courts are behind this myth!

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  1. Dear Mr. Diamond and The Traffic Ticket Team,
    I heard many myths when it comes to tricks around traffic tickets but that one was the funniest one. I Just want to say thank you for always helping my family and me with all of our traffic ticket issues.I wish You and the Traffic Ticket Team a wonderful holiday.
    Thanks again
    Sallie David

    Traffic Ticket

  2. Traffic Ticket Team, thank you a million for helping me with my ticket. If it wasn’t for you, I would of had points on my license right now.
    Thanks again
    Arnie M.
    Traffic Ticket

  3. I have to say, Mr. Diamond has given me the best Christmas gift ever. I was so worried that my daughter’s license wouldn’t be valid this Chrismas. Thanks to you, she was able to drive down from Orlando to spend the weekend with me and the rest of the family.
    I want to wish the entire Traffic Ticket Team a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    Audry Dalton
    Speeding Ticket

  4. I’ve been driving in Florida for about 15years now, and I’ve never once had a ticket. For some reason, this year the cops just wanted to pick on me! I got 4 tickets in 09! Linette always said I wouldn’t have a problem, but I couldn’t believe it! Thanks to you, my record is still clean! I hope I dont have to deal with the cops in 2010, but I’ll make sure to call you and refer everyone I know if we’re in need. Happy holidays.

    Traffic Ticket

  5. I am sooooo Happy. I just received your letter and you got my ticket DISMISSED. I would like to post great ratings about your company Please tell me if there is a site where I can tell people about the great work your firm does. I had a great experience with the Traffic Ticket Team and Jini is a peach. Thanks again Julie. I will recomend your services.
    Traffic Ticket


  7. I just wanted to wish the traffic ticket team a great new year! I just got my results in the mail, I called the margate office just to double check! DISMISSED!! I’m so happy!! You made my year! I will recommend your service to all. Have a blessed year!
    Traffic Ticket

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