1] Total number of people who receive a speeding ticket everyday-100,000

2] Speeding ticket issued in a year-41, 000, 0000

3] One out of 6 drivers is issued speeding tickets.

4] Cost of speeding ticket is $150

5] Total money amassed through speeding ticket fine is $6,150,000,000

6] Cost of insurance hiked for 3 years after one speeding ticket issued is $1050

7] Excess money made by insurance company in a year is $43.500, 000,000

8] Total percentage of people who never contest after receiving speeding ticket is 95%

9] Total percentage of people whose case gets dismissed or whose charges gets reduced without a lawyer is less than 5%

10] Total percentage of people whose case gets DISMISSED or whose charges gets reduced to NO POINTS with a Traffic Ticket Team lawyer is 99%


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  1. Mr. Diamond, Thank you for helping me get my license back! I went over to your margate office because i had over 10 toll tickets!! At 170 a pop, there is no way I would be able to afford getting it back before the holidays! You guys helped me pay the late fees and gave me a fat discount! Thank you for assuring me I can drive to my folks for the holiday!
    Traffic Ticket

  2. Hey Traffic Ticket Team,
    I Just wanted to thank the Traffic ticket team for all the hard work. Thank You and happy hoildays to you and your families.You guys are the best.
    Thanks Shannon

    Traffic Ticket

  3. You are the best. I can not believe out of 14 toll tickets You had 12 dismissed. I don’t know how you did it but Thank you Thank you Thank you. I am truly Thankful. I did not know how I was going to pay all those fines but you saved me and I am in the clear. I will reccomend the Traffic Ticket Team to friends, neighbors and family. You are truly the best Mr. Diamond. Jini thanks again for easing my mind and helping me.

    • You are welcome
      Jason Diamond

  4. Mr.Diamond’s office beat my speeding ticket in court in September, his Hollywood office staff is always pleasant, courteous. He even gave me a referral to another attorney on a non-traffic matter. They are an asset to our community. Thanks

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