Traffic Ticket Troubles and Then Some.

The National Motorists Association Foundation NMAF recently sent out an email warning America’s drivers of the dangers of having a bad driving record. While many motorists are still unaware of the damage points can have on insurance costs the NMAF even went a step further in their newsletter. The NMAF warns truck drivers that just a few citations could cause them to lose their job and maybe not be able to find a new one. The release details how serious traffic violations like reckless driving, DUI or serious at-fault traffic accidents can stay on your record for a decade or more and in some states forever. Bad driving records will absolutely raise your car insurance rates but according to the NMAF those troubled records can show up on background checks when you apply for a job, rental property, life insurance or loans and credit cards. Bad driving records can affect you in ways you haven’t even thought about years down the road. A DUI conviction on your record could stop you from entering Canada as that country does not allow DUI “criminals” to cross their border. That vacation, fishing trip or sight-seeing jaunt you planned with your wife can be derailed for something you did before the two of you ever met. If you have a bad driving record it can cause a professional license to be revoked or kill a scholarship you have earned. So if you have ever thought about just paying a traffic ticket rather than fighting the citation, keep the NMAF’s advice in mind and call the Traffic Ticket Team, (954) 967-9888 before you do anything.


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  1. Thank you for the ticket you helped me with. I love going to the Traffic Ticket Team because you always help me out with every ticket.!! Shirley you were great!

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